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1º   GandalfTen 20107 pvps
2º   Mariana 17055 pvps
3º   korshkov 12030 pvps
1º   BATATCHIPSBR 1258 pks
2º   xCRIMINOSO 682 pks
3º   xGRAM 369 pks


New Patch Required V2.
June 23, 2020

to see all the items added in the update it will be necessary to download
the new patch v2 in the downloads tab.
We are a family owned and operated business.

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Server Update Sucessfuly 08/09!
- Reset PvP / Pk monthly completed - Clan hall reset monthly completed - Clan limit per ally increased to 3. - Olympiad ranki...
08 September, 2020
Server Reupdated to newbies!
The farm was made drastically easier and item prices fell by up to 90% so that everyone can start on our server 8 months online w...
06 September, 2020
Donate 3x Enjoy!
Donate 3x Packages are back for a limited time enjoy! the activated bonuses are as follows above $ 50 = 300% bonus $ 80 = 45...
19 August, 2020

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