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Server Update Sucessfuly 01/06!
June 01, 2020

- Added Jewells Blessed!
- Kill Point is now trading.
- Monthly PvP reset completed.
- Drop Star Ornament added to bosses.
- Star Ornament added to TvT.

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Server Update Sucessfuly 10/07!
Added New Drop Partyzone ( Star Ornament ) Added New Time Partyzone ( 04:00 AM )
10 July, 2020
Server Update Sucessfuly 24/06!
added npc to exchange old items for new ones.
24 June, 2020
New Patch Required V2.
to see all the items added in the update it will be necessary to download the new patch v2 in the downloads tab. We are a family...
23 June, 2020

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